Product of the Month

Allstate's Dental

Double lead credits for the month of July

Standard lead credits = $50/sale

Month of July lead credits = $100/sale

Select Dental PPO

  • Some plans have benefits for Major services and Orthodontics
  • Three Select Dental PPO plans have escalating Annual Maximums
  • 2 Copay plan options available, one with no annual maximum

Dental, vision and Hearing (DVH)

  • 3 plan options to fit all types of budgets
  • 2 plans provide benefits for major services and dentures
  • 1 plan has benefits for Implants 

Dental Indemnity

  • Predictable Cash benefits that pay set amount per service
  • 3 levels, Plus plan includes benefits for major services
  • Can pay on top of other dental plans to your client
  • Can add a network discount card

July 13th @ 11am CT

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Regional – 25%
District – 22%
Senior – 20%
Executive – 17%
Associate – 15%
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1.25 NAP Crediting towards partnership
12% (instead of 8%) of U65 Allstate goes into Partnership Bonus
1.75 crediting for all U65 Allstate product for Partnership Bonus distribution

We hope you are ready to add this exciting
product to your portfolio!

Happy Selling,Team HST