Taking Advantage of The New “Open Enrollment” Period in February

If you’re looking for health insurance at affordable rates, it’s definitely worth paying attention to the fact that the brand new “Open Enrollment” period was just announced. You can get in early on the program right on February 15, 2021, when this period begins. Here’s some information on what is happening, why this is big news, and how it can help you personally if you’re looking for a deal on coverage from a place like The Healthcare Solutions Team.

Special Open Enrollment for COVID-19

The period of Open Enrollment that’s coming up will stretch from February 15, 2021, until May 15, 2021. This special enrollment period is sanctioned from HealthCare.gov due to COVID-19. This is a special period of enrollment that won’t last forever, under the Affordable Care Act, and it’s being added in from the new Biden Administration as part of provisions to help fight COVID.

Given the situation in the world and especially in the country currently, it’s not a great idea to go around without health insurance since you never have any idea what might happen tomorrow. Millions of people are without health insurance, and this is an opportunity to get covered so that you’re ready if the worse happens to you or your family.

The government site according to the new enrollment period will also let you make changes to your coverage while the enrollment period is open.

The marketplace options can be extensive though, and you’re going to want to use all the time you have available to you to understand what you can choose and why that might be the best option for you according to your situation and what part of the country you currently live in.

In a state like North Carolina, 83 percent of the current consumers in the market had a premium that was under $50 per month when you consider financial help. The state had 90 percent of those enrolling receiving financial help that made their premiums lower. More than half say they’re out of pocket expenses to go down due to their enrollment.

It is similar in other states as well. All this is to say that the government is making a serious push towards making sure that people will be covered for COVID and other maladies, and so it’s an excellent time to find a plan.

Insurance During the Time of COVID

Recently, a study came out that asked what people were most worried about due to the impact of COVID. The number one concern at 71% was the financial impact. In other words, you aren’t the only one worrying about this, making moving quickly on economic healthcare more important than ever. Other answers included worrying about a global recession.

Business owners and individuals alike have their eyes fixed on how COVID could affect the global economy which can, in turn, have effects on people’s ability to afford healthcare, making affordable healthcare one of the most important questions of the current time.

That also makes the current open enrollment a boon for anyone who needs insurance. The only question at this point is exactly what plan to get if you need it.

Understanding the Options

It’s a fact that the options you can get through this new Open Enrollment Period from the Biden administration can have their complications. In general, while it’s important to move quickly so that you take advantage of this window while it’s open, it’s also important to have someone help you understand how the open enrollment period works, what might be required for you to get covered the way you want, and how to choose between the best possibilities.

Finding Agents That Can Help

It’s important to go with a company like HST since they know the areas where you need help in terms of finding the right plan, and they know exactly how to make sure you locate what you need during this special enrollment period.

The agents at HST can help in the following ways:


Healthcare Solutions Team has many insurance plans that are highly affordable. They will be able to guide you to the exact plan that makes the most sense for you. In a time of lockdowns and some uncertainty over jobs, it’s more important than ever to find a plan that you know you can afford.

It may sometimes seem like getting both affordability and premium plans is an impossible task. However, this isn’t the case at all. Healthcare Solutions Team can provide you plans that have characteristics such as-

  • Medical ACA Compliant-Plans that are compatible with the Affordable Care Act are readily available
  • Short Term-If you need a plan that has a smaller term in order to carry you between healthcare between insurance providers or while you are between jobs, this is possible as well.
  • Fixed Benefit
  • Guaranteed Issue

Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find it at an affordable price if you are with a company like Healthcare Solutions Team.

Experience and Proven Competence

Healthcare isn’t one of those areas where you can afford to take any gambles, especially during the time of COVID. The choices you make will often be literally life and death in nature. That’s exactly why it’s so important to pick a company that has experience and numbers to back up its claims about being the best.

For example, with HST, you get-

  • 16 Years of Experience-HST has been at this a long time, and they have seen the health insurance field go through many fluctuations over COVID and over multiple different presidents, including President Biden and his most recent efforts to bring about COVID aid that you can take advantage of with HST’s help. As a result, they know how to adapt to the current times, regardless of how strange they may seem.
  • More Than 500 Plans-There are a huge number of plans available to suit every possible need. This also demonstrates HST’s flexibility and their general ability to juggle the plans their customers need to stay covered with the required features.
  • Over 172,000 Satisfied Customers-Over the years, many customers have expressed how happy they were with the insurance that HST allowed them to receive at a great rate. That isn’t a small number and it’s the result of much effort over the entire existence of the company.
  • 2300 Agents Nationwide- Another statistic that makes a big difference when people are deciding on who to trust is the fact that this company has a huge number of agents who are all focused on making it as easy as possible for their customers to get the insurance they want. The agents are well-informed up to the present moment, even as the world fluctuates around them. They are known for being friendly and easy to work with, and this is a sign that the company will be able to guide you to healthcare that you can afford and they you are comfortable having.

On top of all this, there has been extensive reporting on HST by groups like CBS MoneyWatch, CBS in general, and Forbes. With this kind of scrutiny, you can rest more assured that the company has been evaluated thoroughly and stands up to the investigations much more than what is often the case with lesser-known companies that are drawing far less interest.

HST constantly does research on the current state of affairs in case anything new comes up, such as some of the Biden administration measures around COVID, or in case any regulations change.

They make sure to do their research on the best healthcare plans for every situation so that you don’t have to do this yourself. Having expert help on finding plans is invaluable since it raises the likelihood that you’ll save money all while getting the exact coverage you need for your specific situation.


You can also learn a lot about a company based on what kind of partners they have and what reputation these partners have themselves.

HST has partners like Aetna, BlueCross, BlueShield, Humana One, Mutual of Omaha, ManhattanLife, and United Healthcare. These are all major companies in the field and generally, their reputations should speak for themselves.

Contact Options

Especially in these circumstances, it helps to have the best contact options that don’t involve the need to meet with an agent in person. Companies like HST allow you to contact them right through a form on their site without the need to go anywhere right away if this turns out to be unnecessary.

Getting Started

For more information about how you can take advantage of open enrollment as soon as it happens please don’t hesitate to contact us today. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can get started guiding you to the healthcare plan that works the best for your particular needs.

There is a bit of a time limit on this, so it’s important to get going as soon as you can to take advantage of the special enrollment options. You can get a free health insurance quote so that you’ll know how best to proceed and how much everything will likely cost.

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