New Line of work? Become an Agent

At Healthcare Solutions Team, our agents are the bedrock of our business. As such, we take our time to select the finest agents, train them, and it is a guarantee that our agents are among the best in the country. We also provide a conducive working environment, which increases our agents’ productivity.

What Sets Healthcare Solutions Team Agents Above the Rest

As a leading source of insurance information and insurance sales with a countrywide coverage, HST takes its time to train and maintain high ranking insurance agents. Here is what places HST agents on a pedestal:

Our Agents Help Clients Find Customized Policies

The Healthcare Solutions Team understands that insurance as a concept can be challenging to understand for many. When clients do not comprehend what their options are and how they can get the most value from their policies, they may end up spending unnecessarily high amounts of money.

Our agents are patient, and they take the duty of explaining the nitty-gritty aspects of the policy to the clients very seriously. Additionally, they have a vast knowledge of different carriers, and they can quickly help clients find the most appropriate policy.

Finally, agents evaluate the client’s needs and make a customized insurance cover suggestion.

Healthcare Solutions Team Agents Help Clients Follow-up on Claims

Apart from helping clients get customized insurance policies, our agents help a claimant follow up for settlement after a claim notification is made to the insurance company.

Our agents use their insurance knowledge from in-house and external training to help claimants understand the documents required to be compensated, how damage evaluation is done, and the average time for a claim to be settled.

They Bring Human Values to Insurance

As opposed to the robotic insurance concepts, Healthcare Solutions Team agents bring to insurance the human values of consideration when suggesting policies, empathy when helping claimants follow up on their claims and honesty in all their transactions.

Our agents are also loyal, first and most importantly, to their clients and the Healthcare Solutions Team. Before making any decision, our agents are trained to ask themselves, “How will this action benefit my clients?”

Healthcare Solutions Team has over 2500 agents across the country, and as such, you will most likely be served by an agent who lives and works in your city. This means that most of our agents understand your values.

Healthcare Solutions Team Agents Have a Vast Product Knowledge

Healthcare Solutions Team works with all the top insurance carriers in the country. Our agents regularly update their product information by attending detailed in-house training and reading industry-related materials to achieve their goals efficiently.

This knowledge helps our agents to evaluate a clients’ situation and give resourceful advice. Knowing the products offered by different carriers also allows our agents to provide our clients with the most appropriate and affordable policy options in the market.

What You Need to Become a Healthcare Solutions Team Agent

Healthcare Solutions Team understands the value of Agents, and we choose the best in the market. Healthcare Solutions Team Agents have:

  • A High School Diploma
  • Have sat and passed state licensure exams for insurance agents
  • High interpersonal relations skills
  • Knowledgeable about various carriers, their services, and pricing
  • Strong analytical skills

Become Our Agent Today

Agents at Healthcare Solutions Team find their work rewarding in monetary, flexible working hours and unmatched career growth. Our agents help our clients solve some of their most significant insurance worries in a humane and empathetic manner.

If you are looking for a new line of work, become an insurance agent.

Healthcare Solutions Team is a wholly owned subsidiary of the National General Insurance Group and the Allstate Insurance Company.