Congress Wants to Make Health Insurance Affordable: How to Take Advantage

If you need affordable health insurance these days, then you’re in luck, because this is exactly one of the issues that Congress is currently working on. Here’s some information about how congress is working on this issue, what that could mean for your situation, and how exactly you can get help navigating the system.

Healthcare Affordability Programs

There are many programs that congress and is now promoting, depending on the area. For example, in California, there’s a temporary subsidy program that gives out as much as $100 per month if you are in a household that earns less than four times the current poverty level. Obviously, it’s particularly important to make sure you receive this if you need it.

COVID-19 Relief for Healthcare

Programs like this one are often temporary, however. The main effort that congress is bringing forward for long-term healthcare fixes is contained within the most recent COVID-19 relief bill that carries a price tag of $1.9 trillion.

This will include larger premium subsidies for ACA policies, as well as reducing the percentage of income that anyone would need to spend on insurance programs through 2022.

Other stuff in the bill in terms of healthcare includes requiring healthcare coverage for Medicaid and CHIP when it comes to treatment and vaccines.

There is paid medical leave options, health care grants for rural areas including $500 million for those eligible as determined by the Department of Agriculture, $5 million for OSHA activities related to COVID-19, money for public healthcare departments like the National Health Service Corps, the Nurse Corp and more.

Additional Marketplace Subsidy Expansions

The bill has temporary expansions for health insurance subsidies in the marketplace on top of what’s already there, including eliminating premiums for those who make between 100% and 150% of the federal poverty level or FPL.

There’s even one for those that are at 400% of the federal poverty line which will make families in this category more eligible for help. It won’t take place until the 2021 and 2022 tax years and only for those years, however.

Infrastructure Bill

President Biden and congress are also already talking about another infrastructure bill aimed at stimulating the economy, including through healthcare measures.

Making the Temporary Permanent

The temporary provisions regarding subsidies could be made permanent if Biden’s efforts on this proposed idea pan out. These subsidies would be for lower class and middle-income people in the U.S. It could also include tax credits.


Overall, the COVID-19 relief bill that is just passing will add a lot of money that will help families in a variety of ways, including especially those who are seeking lower prices for their marketplace health insurance plans within the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

The bill that’s actually going through from COVID-19 relief would be expanded even more by the one regarding infrastructure from Biden, although the one that Biden is proposing that would come after COVID-19 relief would have to make it through congress. This could be a tall order given how divided Congress is currently when it comes to just about any issues, but especially those related to healthcare.

How It Affects You

The most important parts of the current bill and the one that would come after are about subsidies in the marketplace. These at least exist at the moment temporarily throughout the next two years, and they could continue even longer depending on what Congress decides to do. This is exactly why it’s important to find help when it comes to understanding how these subsidies affect you specifically.

Those who understand the laws best will have the greatest chance of benefiting from them to get better healthcare plan rates at a level that you can actually afford.

The subsidies will affect just about everyone from the poorest people who are living 4 times underneath the poverty line, to those who are living many times above it. There’s definitely no reason to not look into the subsidies when you plan on signing up for a plan since it’s likely you could benefit from it no matter what your income level is.

This is true at the moment, and it could be even more true in the future as subsidies that are temporary become permanent, or even expand.

Finding Help with New Healthcare Opportunities

With this many changes happening right now, and many more becoming more than possible down the line, it definitely pays to find professionals who are well-versed in how everything works and can guide you to the plans that will best use the help from congress that is available.

Advantages to MyHST

There are advantages to going with an option like Healthcare Solutions Team. Here are a few of what those advantages entail.


MyHST has many years of experience as a company when it comes to navigating the different bills and laws that affect individuals who are seeking the best healthcare plans for themselves and their families. One of the largest laws in terms of importance, the ACA or Affordable Care Act, has gone through many changes over the years, and MyHST has always stayed on top of what the situation of the moment is regarding the ACA.

This has allowed their agents to always give the best advice regarding what health plans they offer and why they are the best around in terms of what is currently happening politically in the U.S.


Since MyHST agents have so much experience with matters like the ACA, this means they also know how to navigate health care changes in the COVID relief bill and potentially more in the next move that Biden makes.

The plans available through MyHST are also geared towards taking advantage of these changes as much as possible, and the agents can help guide you to the right one.


MyHST has a variety of plans for just about any situation. This includes coverage for small businesses, large groups, families, or even just individuals. They have plans that can fit just about any budget, and due to potential subsidies of all kinds, there’s even a possibility that the experienced agents of MyHST could get your potential costs down to much less than you might think. After all, the subsidies that are coming really are going to affect just about anyone who isn’t extraordinarily rich.

Plans will fit many different types including Short Term, Guaranteed Issue, Fixed Benefit, and many others besides.

A Solid Background

MyHST has been offering services to people now for 16 years, so they’ve been through quite a few changes to the health industry. They’ve served over 172,000 clients who were more than happy with the service.

They offer more than 500 plans, meaning that you will be spoiled for choices. This high number also means that you are much more likely to find a plan that fits what you need directly without having to satisfy one feature in order to get another that you really need.

Agent Skill and Variety

There are over 2300 agents worldwide and growing. This means that there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to find an agent in your area who knows exactly how to help. MyHST agents are well-versed in all kinds of plans and in how the current political climate affects healthcare. This means that you should be able to use their knowledge to stay up to date with any new developments in healthcare laws and bills without having to worry about missing anything

Remote Options

You can also go no-contact of course, and communicate with agents in a remote way that will make you more comfortable.

Just about everything can be done remotely these days through MyHST, and it’s an excellent choice for people who are worried about an issue relating to COVID-19. It’s more important than ever to have coverage, and MyHST agents are dedicated to making sure that they help you find a plan best suited for you and best balanced within the subsidies and other healthcare developments as they emerge.

Plus, you’ll be able to do all of this while feeling completely comfortable and safe since this is also an important part of completing coverage if you don’t already have what you want.

Getting Started

For more information about how MyHST can help you get the perfect health plan for you in light of aid coming from congress, please make sure you don’t hesitate to go ahead and contact us today. The quicker you contact us, the quicker we’ll be able to get you in the most perfect plan that’s available for you.

In addition, you’ll be able to get a free health quote which will make it much easier for you to get a sense of what’s possible. You can do this right from the health insurance plans page where you only need to add your name, email address, phone number, and zip code before you can hit the “get a quote” button in order to get going on your road to taking advantage of new health opportunities from congress.

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