Allstate Acquires National General and Subsidiary Healthcare Solutions Team

Allstate Acquires National General and Subsidiary Healthcare Solutions Team

Allstate Acquires National General and Subsidiary Healthcare Solutions Team

The insurance giant Allstate Corporation has moved to acquire National General and its subsidiaries for a staggering $4 billion.

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In the midst of the coronavirus, which has caused stress and uncertainty for insurers, these two former rivals are coming together to provide more inclusive coverage for their clients. The deal, paid entirely in cash, is expected to officially wrap-up in the early months of 2021.

Illinois-based Allstate was founded in 1931 and has assured their clients that they are “in good hands” since the debut of the phrase in the ’50s. Newly in their hands, National General brings more than 70 years of industry experience and many new coverage offerings. Their extremely lucrative auto insurance policies, along with their 42,300 independent agents, will add much to Allstate’s arsenal.

For National General shareholders, this change will be seen in the estimated $34.50 they will receive per share — it’s no wonder that already approximately 40% have signed off on the deal. Allstate will reap benefits in the form of increased personal line premiums and an additional percentage point of market holding. But for clients of National General’s subsidiary, Healthcare Solutions Team? Nothing is changing.

Healthcare Solutions Team is thrilled to continuing providing top-class care and coverage for all of our clients. While we are grateful for the stable foundation Allstate will provide, we have always offered our products and policies to all of our loyal clients, regardless of carrier. We have a new parent company, but the same great service that our clients have come to love and trust.

Featured by Forbes and CBS’s, Healthcare Solutions Team (HST) is sure to maintain its status as a rising star under the Allstate acquisition. Our community of independent insurance brokers comes equipped with a best-in-class roster of more than 2700+ nationwide agents. We take pride in our affordable and flexible offerings of life, dental, and health insurance. Those who aren’t getting all the coverage they need under their Medicare policy can also take advantage of our Medicare supplement plans. In these turbulent times, it’s never been more important to feel secure in your coverage. Because of this, HST prioritizes our reliability, and remains at-the-ready to meet your every healthcare need.

Occupying around 10% of the national market share, Allstate is the fourth largest insurance company in the country. Following their purchase of National General, Allstate will employ over 80,000 people. Among them are tens of thousands of insurance agents — and ours will be joining them! Healthcare Solutions Team’s agents are set apart by their commitment to not only caring for clients, but sharing with them. They seek to provide comfort and understanding throughout the often intimidating process of selecting a policy. While we are proud and fortunate to have the resources and expertise of a large company, we seek to give you the hands-on and comprehensive care you’d expect from a tight-knit family.

For full disclosure, some things may change within Healthcare Solutions Team. For one, we’re constantly working to better meet the needs of every client we serve. We also are beyond excited about the wealth of new products that agents are introducing to improve clients’ lives. Our supplemental ancillary plans can help you with expenses from car payments to groceries. Any financial troubles will be faced with a friend at your side.

For the experience, care, and coverage you need, contact Healthcare Solutions Team today. Ask us about our affordable health care plans, or find a professional HST agent near your area. We are happy to be working with Allstate, and we would love to work with you.

Healthcare Solutions Team is a wholly owned subsidiary of the National General Insurance Group and the Allstate Insurance Company.